The Tall Man’s Guide to Getting the Right Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Tall People

The shoe business, design, vehicles, traveler planes, office seats—most makers make items for the normal individual. Organizations are organizations all things considered – and take into account markets with the most elevated number of individuals to serve. Be that as it may, for tall individuals, finding an item that meets your requirements can be a battle. The following is a guide of how to discover office seats for tall individuals without depleting your wallet.

What are Office Chairs for Tall People?

Including long backrests, high seat container, and long armrests, office seats for tall individuals are appropriate for people estimating six feet or taller. The seats stand higher than a normal individual’s seat, and have highlights customized for individuals with long arms.

What Should You Look for in Office Chairs for Tall people?


Every one of the highlights we referenced before on are significant. As a tall individual, you need a seat with a high seat dish. This causes you sit serenely without twisting your legs or situating them under the table. The seat ought to be open and agreeable.

The backrest should bolster the entire back, while the armrest ought to be movable. A swiveling base and durable wheels help you move around the workplace advantageously.

Affordable Price

With official seats costing $150 or less, you don’t need to burn through $600 on an office seat. Basically discover seats with the highlights you are after, and rank them dependent on evaluating.

Weight Support

In case you’re tall and huge, guarantee the seat is intended to hold your weight. Most office seats for tall individuals hold a limit of 400 pounds. In case you’re heavier than that, inquire about more profoundly to discover a seat that can oblige you.

Adjustment Levers

Despite the fact that you’re tall, you may have changing seat needs. There are times you need to rest your back. Some of the time you need to sit in advance, or lower the seat container to have the option to take a shot at a short table. Switches help with all that. The best office seats for tall individuals have switches to modify armrests, backrests, situate skillet, and swiveling dish.

Pros and Cons of Office Chairs for Tall people


  • Comfortable: These chairs have features tall people are usually looking for, including features related to comfort.
  • Tall Backrests: Designed for people with tall features, these chairs have far longer backrests than any other kinds of chairs. The backrests cover the whole body, the neck, and at times even the head.
  • Extra Durable: Because most of the chairs are meant to hold a lot of weight, they are sturdier and built to be long-lasting.


Expensive: Although not always the case, tall chairs are more expensive than normal-height chairs. Their prices range from $100 to $350 for the best chairs. This is also the same price range for regular office chairs. But if you consider the same chair designs, those customized to suit tall people are pricier.

What are the Main Features of Office Chairs for Tall People?

Most chairs advertised as fit for tall people are huge, usually to suit large, tall people. But what happens when you are physically fit but you’re also tall? These are the features to look out for:

High Seat Pans

Since tall individuals have long legs, they sit increasingly agreeable on tall seats. A few producers make their seats customizable, with the goal that tall individuals can raise the seat skillet to their solace. This is an extraordinary thought, however remember the changes are constrained to specific statures.

Spacious Seats

Like every other person, tall individuals like agreeable seats. Thusly, office seats for individuals like them are progressively open, though not very enormous, in order to be agreeable. Obviously, seats come in all sizes. On the off chance that you feel progressively good sitting on seats with little seat profundities, such seats are likewise accessible.

High Backrest

A high backrest offers backing to the entire back. Most office laborers are encouraged to utilize office seats with high backrests. Office seats for tall individuals have considerably greater backrests, in some cases additionally covering the neck and head territories.

Longer Arms

They’re intended to suit the requirements of tall individuals, so it just bodes well to make them with long armrests. A few seats highlight customizable armrests that can be tilted upward or descending voluntarily.

Wheels and Swivel Base

To make developments around the workplace simple, office seats for tall individuals likewise accompany swiveling bases and solid wheels. The stands that help swivel bases are longer and the wheels are solid, which aides broadens the seat’s toughness.

Top 5 Office Chairs for Tall People

Basyx by HON Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

Basyx by HON Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

As its name recommends, this is a seat for enormous, tall individuals. This is reflected in its wide structure and roomy seat. Development astute, the seat is made to be substantial and upholstered with cowhide to give it an exquisite yet solid structure. The seat supports as much as 450 pounds of weight. Its seat dish is movable. Its highlights haggles swiveling base and long armrests.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

The Duramont is neither too wide nor excessively thin, which makes it a perfect seat for normal measured tall individuals. It includes a treated steel swivel base, stands, and wheels. Its seat is thick for ideal solace, while its armrests are raised, but being somewhat little. The seat’s backrest is extraordinarily intended for lumbar help, highlighting a breathable work and a headrest.

Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Chair

Designed by Amazon, this chair is meant for tall, big people. It’s properly built, sturdy and features upholstered leather. The seat pan is adjustable, and so is the backrest. Like most modern seats, the Amazon Basics also features a stainless steel 360-degree swivel base with four wheels for ease of movement. The chair supports a maximum of 350 pounds with its deep, leather-layered cushions

Modway Articulate Black Mesh Office Chair

Modway Articulate Black Mesh Office Chair

Attractive, with a high seat container and an open, agreeable seat and an all-encompassing backrest—Modway isn’t reasonable for tall individuals: it’s likewise rich. With switches to change the seat skillet, the backrest, and swivel, Modway is likewise an adaptable seat. Its armrests are generally little however they’re tallness customizable. At a cost of $106, the Modway seat offers the best an incentive for your cash.

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair

Carefully structured, agreeable and reasonable—Homall is a standout amongst the best office seats for tall individuals on the web. It’s transported as independent parts, so be set up for around 30 minutes of setting it up. The official seat comes accessible in a blend of dark and red, blue, or white hues. It is made of cowhide, in spite of the fact that its pads are more slender than some other office seats out there.

The Homall Gaming seat is a decent seat all the equivalent. The seat container is flexible. The backrest highlights full back help, including the neck and the head. Its wheels swivel 360 degrees, and bolster a most extreme load of 300 pounds.

Final Verdict

Every tall person understands the struggle of trying to find suitable chairs for their height. Most available chairs only feature adjustable seat pans, but may not have the backrests and armrests to suit tall people.

As a tall person, when looking for an office chair, make sure the seat pan is high. It should also be adjustable and feature a swiveling base with sturdy wheels. A deep seat layered in leather upholstery will offer the much-needed comfort, while a backrest that covers the whole back should be a must-have feature.

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